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Trojans in comeback against Utrecht
Written by Rotterdam Trojans   
Monday, 23 February 2009 13:51

After some adjustments the team who were 11 points behind had opened Pandora's box. A new QB and new offensive line were no excuse. Interim coaches Matthijs Eijsenga, Thomas Lerchemuller, Thomas Eijsenga en Rens Rietveld managed to make both offensive and defensive adjustments to the advantage of the Trojans.

After a messy first half the score was 03-14 in favour of the Utrecht Dominators. The defense came our of the locker room for the second half, took one look at their opponents and then proceeded to dominate them. They gave nothing away and gave the offense great field position time and time again. Running back Mike Rozenblad took advantage of this with the first come-back touchdown. He zig-zagged his way through the defense for the score. PAT was good, closing the score to 10-14. The momentum was shifting toward the Rotterdammers.

The comeback had begun. #89 Zarrell Rusolfina) pleaded to the defense for a turnover, and got his wish when Ted Erkilla (#36) got the interception which led to a passing touchdown from Quarterback Victor Krumov (#7) to Wide Receiver Kevin Boerman(#19) . The PAT was good and Rotterdam had taken the lead for the first time in the game. Rotterdam's defense was not going to give it away now and finished the game with a total of 6 sacks, 3 interceptions and a fumble recovery. The Trojans put the icing on the cake with a Field Goal to make the final score 20-14. Troja victor!

Rotterdam Trojans Win!

First half
First score: #4 Utrecht
Second score: #20 Utrecht
Third score: Fieldgoal Kevin Boerman (#19) Rotterdam

Second half
Frist score: Touchdown Mike Rozenblad (#33) Rotterdam
Second score: Touchdown Kevin Boerman (#19) Rotterdam
Third score: Fieldgoal Kevin Boerman(#19) Rotterdam

Final: 20-14 Trojans