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2009-05-31:AF 9 @ 12 RT
2009-05-31:LL 28 @ 12 HH
2009-05-31:AP 0 @ 62 AC
2009-05-30:UD 6 @ 21 MW

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2009-05-02:OV 6 @ 10 AC
2009-04-18:AC 8 @ 6 FK

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Trojans' Second Win Comes at Arnhem
Written by Rotterdam Trojans   
Monday, 09 March 2009 13:49
Despite numerous first downs, and and two promising early drives deep into Arnhem territory on the back of veteran running back Mike Rozenblad, the Trojans were forced to give the ball up to the home team's stiff defense. However, on their third drive quarterback Victor Krumov was able to open up the scoring with a 65 yard completion to wide receiver Dayron Nicolaas, which ultimately put the Trojans up by six.

Half way through the second quarter, the Falcons answered back with a touchdown of their own while heavily relying on their running game and their ironman QB. Following a missed PAT attempt, the score  stood at 6-6, and Arnhem managed to go into halftime with tied score.

The fight became fiercer in the third and early forth quarter, with both teams summoning up lengthy drives, yet neither side seemed inclined to give up any more points. The stalemate was finally broken late in the forth quarter when quarterback Victor Krumov completed his second touchdown pass of the day, a 25-yarder to wide receiver Zarrel Rudolfina. Following a successful PAT by Kevin Boerman, the Trojans came on top with 13-6 late in the fourth quarter. At this time it was up to the Trojan defense to put the game away. Through sheer motivation and show of effort, the Trojan defense managed to stop the Falcons from scoring, and held at a key 4th down attempt, effectively sealing the Trojan’s second consecutive victory giving them a great 2-0 start of the new season.

The game report would not be complete without special praise to the punting of Kevin Boerman.  With the Trojans pinned back near there own goalline in the third quarter, Kevin unleashed a tremendous punt that sailed high over the returners head. We have to check the film for the distance, but Kev thinks it might have gone 80 yards. Incredible.