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Latest AFBN Div.1 Results

2009-05-31:AF 9 @ 12 RT
2009-05-31:LL 28 @ 12 HH
2009-05-31:AP 0 @ 62 AC
2009-05-30:UD 6 @ 21 MW

Latest EFAF Cup results

2009-05-02:OV 6 @ 10 AC
2009-04-18:AC 8 @ 6 FK

Spotlight on...

Eric Bodemeijer

DB #22 Amsterdam Crusaders

1.79m, 77kg



Written by Administrator   


This site is intended to collect statistics from Dutch American Football competition and from the EFAF cup games involving Dutch teams, to enable users to view statistics by player, team, game and to see overall leaders in many categories. Scores and standings, along with news, are incorporated to include contextual information for the user. By publishing this site we hope to encourage AFBN Division One teams to submit their statistics and add interest to the premier American Football competition in the Netherlands.

It is not the intention to replace any existing websites which may share certain functionality, but rather to add to the web presence of this league.

Current Status

The site is available only in English, making it internationally accessible.

Unfortunately the only available statistics right now are those of the Amsterdam Crusaders (AFBN Division One and EFAF Cup), Hilversum Hurricanes (AFBN Division One) and Berlin Adler (EFAF Cup). As more statistics arrive, the site will become more and more fun to look at.


Quite a few features are planned for addition to this site. The timeline of the features will depend on the level of co-operation received from AFBN Division One teams. If little interest is shown, the features may not be added. These new features include:

  • The ability for a team representative to enter, update and/or upload statistics, roster information and team information for his/her team;
  • The ability for a team PR manager to create new articles and to link them to games as game previews or game reports;
  • Records section. Note - these records will of course only be where statistics exist;
  • Other AFBN Divisions and previous AFLN / NAFF seasons where records exist;
  • Field location information;
  • Links to film and photos of games;
  • News per team;
  • Schedule per team;
  • Package this statistics engine into a single application which can easily be used for different competitions, clubs, etc.

How can I help this project ?

The true value of this website is in the richness of its data. Therefore, any information which can be passed on to the webmaster - statistics (per player per game strongly preferred to overall season statistics), roster information, game results (score by quarters preferred) and background information for each team will strongly increase its appeal. Please send me your stats for any season you have !

If your team does not currently keep statistics, please encourage them to set up a statistics team for the 2010 season so we can have the entire top Division statistics displayed.

In the meantime, please email me with suggestions, which features you would like to see, and with any errors or things you don't like about the usability and I will add them to the list.


The statistics on this website are provided voluntarily by the teams themselves. Since no league requirement exists for the collection or method of collection of statistics, these statistics are not official, nor are they guaranteed to be complete or accurate.


Author / webmaster: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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